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Near-shore software development services partnership opportunity

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Near-shore development services become more and more popular software development approach which allow our Partners to easily source high quality development services. The beauty of this co-operation model comes from the fact, that your organization doesn’t need to employ highly experienced and costly developers for the projects which are limited in time – as the mobile applications usually are. Our specialists can become a part of your development team for the intensive programming period and may keep responsibility for application maintenance in the future.

Near-shore developement idea

  • To support Partners organizations by delivering high quality software development services from Poland
  • Close geografic localization and minor cultural differencies minimize the potential risks in projects
  • Outsourced team can be easily adjusted to Partner’s needs by hiring only required resources for a limited time
  • Close co-working, based on the agile project management methodology increases productivity
  • Attractive rates for developers and testers efforts significantly reduce total costs of software development