Our experience

Fishnatic - a handy support for anglers

Fishing spots locations, success sharing, social functionality (Teams, Friends, Followers), chat, competitions, ranking, tacklebox, weather, statistics, shops&rental spots and other functionalities to support fishing maniacs!

Graphic design: Agencja Kreatywna www.efekt.co

Handy Ticket Deutschland

Enterprise class solution to support tickets sales for local communication in Germany for iOS and Android.

Our responsibility: ongoing maitenance of HTD and KVB version (both platforms and libraries for 3rd party development partners), WEB access interface, backend services maitenance, new tariff & operators implementation, minor functionality changes.


Simple, handy application to support passengers to claim their rights in case of delays.
Multiplatform application based on PhoneGap technology, gathering pictures, geodata and formular preparation and transfer.