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Having a wide choice of specialists we can support your organization with design, development, testing and maintenance services. Complexity of mobile application functionality has a significant impact on development technology selection. This is an extremely important element which determines development and maintenance costs in the future.

At SkillTech Poland we are constantly improving our technological skills. Depending on the project characteristics, we can support you with native iOS and Android as well as multiplatform development technologies. Obviously, mobile applications often need a Back-End engine and traditional Web extensions. To deliver this functionality, we use the most popular Java and Linux technologies.

  • Objective-C, SWIFT, Android SDK
  • Java EE / SE, Java FACES, Java SWING, C#, Visual Basic, SPRING, Groovy, PrimeFaces, Python, Equinox, Scala, Angular 2, Meteor.js
  • Multiplatform / hybrid technologies –Flutter
  • Linux, Windows, iOS, Android
  • MongoDB, SQL Lite, MySQL, MS SQL
  • JBoss, WildFly, Apache, Tomcat TOMMY, IIS, AWS, Maven, Jenkins
  • SAP ABAP, Cocoon, Adobe EM,
  • Working with GIT, JIRA, TeamViewer, WebEx and other supporting tools
  • Fully equipped with modern hardware, testing devices and private cloud environment
  • Full-time access to Skillsoft knowledge base helps developers to update their skills on-the-fly

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